• limerick driving lessons
    for electric driving experience
    Nissan E-POWER
    Full Automatic
  • limerick driving lessons
    EDT specials available
    Highly qualified instructor
    Learn at your pace
  • limerick driving lessons
    Relaxed, friendly instruction
    Learn at your pace
    Highly qualified instructor

When you are ready, Barry will give you a gentle introduct ...


If you are taking the driving test give us a call ...

Advanced Driving

The Midwest advanced driving program, aims to take driv ...

Fleet Training

With employer’s duty of care, to their staff, health and ...

SAFED training specialist

limerick school of motoring Benefits of Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving

Drivers develop skills that promote their safety and that of their vehicle, load and other road users. Through fuel efficient driving, drivers raise their levels of professionalism and become more of an asset to their employer. Read more ...

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Top tips for better driving. Watch our video to be a better driver.

Here you can find tips and tricks on how to drive better. We greatly encourage you to familiarise yourself with them before you begin your driving classes, as well as before your driving exam. Here, you will find very useful video presentations.

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