driving tips

Top tips for better driving

Make Space

- Follow the 'Two Second Rule'

- Make sure you can see 'Tyres on Tarmac' when you stop behind another car

Around Town, Windows Down

- Make use of all your senses

Double your braking distance

- You'll show a warning light for longer and it's kinder to your car

Never overtake a cyclist approaching a junction

Lights on.Be safe, be seen.

- Since Febuary 2011 all new cars should be fitted with daytime running lights DRLs.
- People are less lightly to crash into what can be seen.
- If you don't have DRLs driving on a dipped beam makes you more visible. But remember fog lights are for fog.

Reverse in, drive out.

- Its easier to reverse into what can be seen than to reverse out into what cannot.
- And it will save you €100 a year in fuel because you are maneuvering with a warm engine.

Look up, look out, look below.

- Stretch your line of sight to anticipate the road
- scan the road for hazards and read the road markings and signs out loud.

Watching for hazards

(rollover image to see what the more experienced driver watches out for)