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About Midwest School of Motoring

Midwest School of Motoring is among Limerick's foremost driver training businesses. Founded by John Donnelly in 1988 it is run today by Barry Gallagher. When Barry took over in 2003 he was already an established instructor with experience in cars and commercials.

As he holds advanced driving certificates for cars, trucks and buses Barry has achieved the highest standards. He has also trained with the Institute of Advanced motorists (I.A.M.) and was employed by their Fleet training division as an advanced driver trainer.

Midwest School of Motoring now provides a consultancy service for Fleet/Advanced driver training. Customers include the ESB, Eircom and Driving Risk Down ltd.

Barry has been driving commercially and living from his licence since the 80s. Working regularly with everyone, from beginner level to advanced commercial vehicle training, his experience is second to none.

Better still, is his ability to pass this knowledge on, in a cool, calm and relaxed way. ‘We do have fixed programs’ he says ‘but it’s our clientele who decide how it’s delivered. They are the boss.’ ‘There is no such a thing as a silly question, there’s only silly answers.’

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